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What the critics have said . . .

Selected Theater Reviews Home in Her Heart


"Raw, often haunting” ... "like nothing you will see on any New York stage this season" 


“‘Is it worth fighting to stay together?’ That’s just one of the urgent questions that keep us on the edge of our seats in this thoughtful, vibrant two-hander, written by the supremely multitalented Margaret Morrison, who also plays Jimmie. Sporting cropped, graying curled locks, she embodies the tormented performer with a heady mix of grit and tenderness. Her tap dancing is impressive as well."


“Portraying Claire, Ava Jenkins is at her best during the ecstatic, hopeful moments.”


“Staged with razor-sharp simplicity by Cheryl King, creator and producing director of Stage Left Studio, ‘Home In Her Heart’ is much more than a gripping love story. Although set well over a half-century ago, the thorny matters of racism, sexism, and homophobia still resonate fiercely today."

David Kennerley, Gay City News, Jan 30, 2015


"Ms. Morrison . . . does a wonderful job of embodying Jimmie as a male impersonator, with not an ounce of camp involved. . . Ms. Jenkins does an excellent job of capturing Claire’s lingering sense of disbelief to have found herself in the arms of another woman, and a white woman to boot. You also feel the pain she is coping with due to the likelihood of losing it all, encapsulated so completely as Jimmie sings the Gershwin standard “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” and Claire quietly replies, “Yes, they can.”

Howard Miller, Talkin’ Broadway, January, 2015

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