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Plays & Tap Dance-Theater Works

Home In Her Heart

Home in Her Heart. a new play written and choreographed by Margaret Morrison ran for over 40 performances at Stage Left Studio New York City. Starring Ava Jenkins and Margaret Morrison, directed by Cheryl King, original composition and piano recording by Cynthia Hilts.

Can the love of two women survive the black-white divide? In 1939 London, male impersonator Miss Jimmie LeRoy and pianist Claire Hicks have lived, loved, and performed together for 3 years. The gathering storm of war and a letter from home plummet them into the harsh reality of returning to a segregated U.S. As they pack to leave, the specters of exile and hatred make the very dream of their love seem impossible.

The Loves of Miss Jimmie LeRoy a short play by Margaret Morrison

The Loves of Miss Jimmie LeRoy, written by Margaret Morrison, directed by Cheryl King and starring Morrison and King. Stage Left Studio, NYC, 2013.


Sometimes lesbian love means you'd like to strangle your ex, if only you didn’t need her so desperately. It's 1942 and Miss Jimmie LeRoy is desperate to stay in show business and hold on to the love of her life. Her ex-lover Margery shows up, ready to reopen old wounds, recall glory days, and remind Jimmie that even bitter old love can be sweet. A sequel to the lesbian love story, Home In Her Heart, this new two- woman play poignantly explores the hidden lives of lesbians, the erotic charge of coming out, and the emotional storm of needing help from the lover who has hurt you the most.

Miss Bert Whitman - a work in development

"Miss Bert Whitman Meets Dyke Astaire" by Margaret Morrison, a staged reading of an excerpt of a new play in development. At the Fresh Fruit Festival, Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, NYC, 2013.


Alberta "Bert" Whitman was the star male impersonator of African-American vaudeville. She didn't ask to be brought back from the dead, especially not by a white drag king wanna-be, with a passion for critical race theory and a mad crush on Fred Astaire.

Home In Her Heart - workshop production

Home In Her Heart, a play in development by Margaret Morrison, directed by Cheryl King, starring Margaret Morrison and Ericka Hart, at Stage Left Studio, NYC, 2012-2013.

In Search of the Whitman Sisters

In Search of the Whitman Sisters - a text and tap exploration. Created by Margaret Morrison for the Barnard College Tap Ensemble, 2009. The Whitman Sisters Troupe were one of the most famous acts from 1900 to 1943 on the African-American vaudeville circuit. No film footage exists of the troupe, they were unknown in Hollywood and on Broadway. The youngest sister Alice Whitman was called “The Queen of Taps,” and was considered a far greater tap dancer than any of Hollywood's dancing ladies. Her dancing partner was her sister Alberta, known as Bert, who was a flash dancing male impersonator. In this workshop, Barnard and Columbia students read historic material on the Whitmans, learned period tap dance repertory, created performance text, and worked with me and a jazz pianist to create a historically based tribute to the Whitmans.

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