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Stay tuned for 2024 Workshops and Classes.


  • I offer all levels of tap technique from Advanced Professional to Beginner, adults, teens and children

  • original tap repertory

  • historic tap repertory

  • tap improv classes with emphasis creativity, musicality and spontaneous composition

  • musicianship and how to work with live jazz

  • tap composition

  • tap dance history and videos

  • rhythm tap teacher training

A sampling of my specialized courses:



Jazz music-based Tap Composition class for Advanced and Intermediate tap dancers who want to move

to the next phase of their choreography and improv skills and deepen their jazz music knowledge.

Experienced and novice choreographers are welcome.


Students develop their own tap phrases, choruses, and build towards performance works.

Guest musicians will participate occasionally. Themed sessions for choreography fundamentals,

improvisation, and advanced compositional skills:

 - Jazz Structures and Swing and Bebop Standards

 - Latin Jazz and Brazilian grooves.



Fun, stress-free sessions to explore creative rhythm-making. Live musicians accompany classes on select dates. Learn solid techniques to create spontaneous tap compositions.


Classic Time Steps, Flaps, Shuffle Off to Buffalo, Paddle and Roll are foundational to clean technique, solid grooves, and jazz musicality. A workshop for Beginners and Advanced Beginners to strengthen rhythm tap skills and build towards more challenging material. 

Time Steps & Classic Tap.jpeg


Margaret’s workshops include her original tap choreography, based in swinging rhythms and full body tap style. In addition to her own material, Margaret is available to teach classic tap repertory created by greats such as Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Charles “Honi” Coles, and the Copasetics, to name a few.  


Tap Dance History is American History, is Black History, is Women’s History, is Jazz History. My tap history sessions can range from an hour-long lecture and video presentation for your tap loving community, to a full-semester university-level course. Videos, imagery, and stories of our tap dancestors reveal stunning displays of rhythmic virtuosity, creative innovation, and resistance to systemic oppression. 


Developed and directed in collaboration with Susan Hebach, the TTT provides essential skills to teach rhythm tap. The 45-hour course, based in Classic Tap and Copasetic repertory, includes tap technique, pedagogy, jazz music skills, tap composition & improvisation, tap history & artistry, and individualized support. Designed for both experienced tap instructors as well as dancers who wish to become teachers. Produced by the ATDF from 2014 to 2022, future Trainings will be announced soon.

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