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Cut Me Summa Dat Noise, a short film by Cara Hagan, celebrates the rhythms of everyday life through the eyes of a neighborhood matriarch (played by Deborah Mitchell) who sets the tone for a new day with the beat of her own heart.


As the neighborhood comes to life, people of all ages unite in a joyous cacophony of sound that illuminates the connections between them as members of a vibrant and diverse community in rhythm.


Choreographic collaboration by Cara Hagan, Margaret Morrison, and featured tap dancers.

Release: late 2024

Margaret’s tap dance choreography has been called by reviewers "a tour de force" and "the witty highlight of the evening." Her ensemble choreography has been commissioned by professional tap groups and college and youth ensembles around the US.



2024    Cut Me Summa Dat Noise (choreographic collaborator on tap dance film directed by Cara Hagan)

2019    "I See the Future in Your Eyes" (ensemble tap work)

2015    Home In Her Heart (full-length play with tap choreography)

2013    The Loves of Miss Jimmie LeRoy (short play with tap choreography)

2012    “In Search of Alice Whitman” (tap/text solo)

2011     “Dyke Astaire” (tap/theater solo)

2010    “Queer Vaudeville” (tap/theater work)

2009    “In Search of the Whitman Sisters” (tap/theater work for Barnard Tap Ensemble)

2008    “Five Points” (for Tap City Youth Ensemble)

2007    “Willow Weep For Me” (solo)

             “Work Song” (for Bay Area Dance Company)

             “Lucero” (for Tap City Youth Ensemble)

2006    “It Ain’t Necessarily So” (duet for vocalist and tap, collaboration with vocalist Jaque DuPree)

             “Blues for ZW” (collaboration with Tap Collective)

2005    “Dreams of What Could Be” (for Barnard/Columbia Tap Ensemble)

2004    "5s & 6s" (duet for percussion and tap, collaboration with percussionist Robin Burdulis)

             "Saturday Night in the Cosmos" (solo)

2003    "Oxossi" (collaboration with Brazilian tap choreographer Valeria Pinheiro, percussionists

             Robin Burdulis and Rita Silva)

             “Errol Garner Suite” (for New Tampa Dance Theater);

2002    Body of Rhythm (trio tap evening in collaboration with Jeannie Hill and Max Pollak)

             “Boogie Stop Shuffle" (solo) 

2001    “Pirupiri” (for Sole Full of Rhythm)

             “Dreams of What Could Be” (solo)

2000    “2nd Ave Jump” (for Tisch School of the Arts Celebration at Avery Fischer Hall)

1990s  “Song For My Father” (for North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble)

             “Eronel” (solo)

             “New Orleans” (duet with Robin Tribble)

             “How Little We Know” (solo)

             “Solo Tap Adventures” (solo tap show)

             Wombapusi (tap/movement/percussion/text collaboration with Tandum Lett and Robin Burdulis)

             Pulsation (tap/poetry/percussion collaboration with Robin Burdulis, Janet Mason, & Barbara


1980s  Tribble & Morrison (duo show)

            “Demons” (clown and tap collaboration)

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